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The Ribbon Jar special collections are just that: special. Each unique collection is packaged in a new or vintage jar. The themed collections vary from general craft to wrapping. The description of each jar includes the total yardage in the jar, as well as the yards per ribbon. Each wrapping jar will have no less than 2 yards per ribbon so you'll have plenty to wrap that perfect gift. The photo of the jar (which can be enlarged by clicking on it) is the very jar you get, and it is the only one like it. Each jar comes with a hand-crafted numbered double tag. The tag also lists the name of the collection. These jars make great gifts for any crafty friends you know. Not only do they sit beautifully in your workspace or wrapping area, but they are just fun to dive into and enjoy!

*We now offer some of our collections in very unique vintage jars. Click "more photos" (under the main jar photo) to see different views of these special collections. I am not a jar expert, but I do know cool when I see it and these definitely are the coolest jars around.

If you are ordering a custom jar please read the information carefully. You are required to order a minimum of 15 yards per custom jar. You may also choose the type of lid (zinc or glass) and name your jar at no extra cost. You can let us know of your choice when you check out in the comments section. This is for custom jars only.