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Guest Designers
Want to be a Designer?
  You could be a Ribbon Jar guest designer! If interested please submit the following to
-Daytime phone number
-3 awesome images of your work at no more than 150K each in size
-A brief (300 words of less) description of your crafty skills (paper craft, scrapbooking, sewing, doll clothes making, present wrapping, anything you would use ribbon for)

What do you get? If chosen you will get a package of ribbon picked to suit your crafty style. With this ribbon you are required to make three awesome projects. You send the projects to me with detailed directions and I will photograph them and send them back to you.  Or if you can take images that are high enough quality you can just email me the images and keep the project.  I will send you more information if you are selected as a guest designer. Feel free to email us any questions.